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LEGO Jurassic World (Microsoft Xbox One, 2015)
Price Range: $30 - $30
LEGO Jurassic World gives gamers the opportunity to experience four thrilling installments of the Jurassic Park series. The prehistoric thriller was designed to operate on the Microsoft Xbox One gaming system. Blending elements of 'Jurassic Park,' 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park,' as well as 'Jurassic Park III',' LEGO assumed a gargantuan responsibility when designing this game. See Jurassic World transformed into LEGO form, as the same frightening creatures appear in the thrilling scenes of this action packed adventure. Choose from 20 LEGO dinosaurs or design your own LEGO dinosaur collection. Explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna in free play missions all dashed with a dose of LEGO humor.

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