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A2-DX Stabilizing Ankle Brace from ZAMST (X-Large - Left) (470614)
Price Range: $65 - $65
A2-DX is one of the most advanced ZAMST products. 22 parts and 18 different materials have been assembled to create it. It provides unique rigid guards which restrict inversion and eversion. X-straps provide enhanced anterior and medial stability. Perfect product for basketball, volleyball and a variety of other sports.ZAMST is a pioneer and leading innovator in the world of sport orthoses. Their high quality, technologically advanced braces and supports are designed to provide ultimate functionality while keeping respect for the specificities of athletic movements and limitations. 35 years of medical experience and constant collaboration with doctors, coaches and professional athletes ensure ZAMST products are the most comfortable, effective, and durable support products on the market. Each product is very precisely designed, utilizing up to 22 parts, 18 different materials, and exacting finishing touches to maximize effectiveness and ease of use.

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